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George Ma
April 13 13:25

Eurogroup is trying to find a way out of the crisis again

Last year's Eurogroup meeting on this issue lasted 14 hours and ended with nothing. 
Eurozone finance ministers on Thursday should again try to agree on a common economic program to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Last year's Eurogroup meeting on this issue lasted 14 hours and ended with nothing. The biggest disagreement arose during the discussion of emergency fund creation, for the formation of which the pan-European bonds should to be issued.

Eurobonds or nothing, this position was taken by the Italian government, not willing to bargain with Europe. The problem of pan-European bonds, which are opposed by a number of northern countries, threatens to undermine the trust in united Europe not only by Italy which traditionally opposed EU membership, but even by Eurooptimists.
According to the Financial Times, Netherlands insists on strict conditions for issuing funds from the anti-crisis fund. German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz calls to find a solution that will suit all Eurozone countries, and not to complicate the situation:
"I think it is quite clear that Europe's recovery is a huge task that we have to tackle together. And as everyone knows, I think it is absolutely feasible to do it within the framework that we already have".
Half a trillion euros may be spent by the Eurozone countries to fight the crisis. It is expected that these funds will be used, among other things, to finance partial employment, as well as for programs of the European Stability Mechanism and the European Investment Bank