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John Wang
April 12 09:27

Oobit launches crypto prices comparison services

More products follow suit.
Oobit has officially launched Oobit Hunter - an AI-based tool created for the comparison of crypto prices. The service has been characterised as “Skyscanner for cryptocurrency” and is going to launch with a new P2P trading platform. 
Users can use the tool  to search and compare exchanges, buyers and sellers. The offers can be rated by location, rating, time of transaction or the prices. The data is collected and updated in real time automatically. Currently the service is focused on Bitcoin. 
Oobit is also opening more services accompanying the Hunter. Oobit Pass allows the users to pass KYC check only once. After that they will be able to get access to a number of other exchanges with no additional logging ins and verifications. The service uses strong encryption to guarantee the safety of the keys.
Oobit Map provides the merchants with a convenient tool for integrating crypto into their business. Oobit Direct allows users to buy cryptocurrencies via fiat. Oobit Wallet can be used ti store BTC.