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George Ma
April 11 12:34

Monero mining will be available on HTC EXODUS 1S smartphones

Owners of EXODUS 1S will have the opportunity to mine
HTC has announced a partnership with the developer of ASIC devices Midas Labs - owners of EXODUS 1S will have the opportunity to mine Monero in the DeMiner app.

According to the chief blockchaing developer at HTC Phil Chen, app will provide cost-effective mining of XMR coins.
The application will automatically stop mining whenever the smartphone is disconnected from the network or performs its basic functions.
Midas Labs estimates that privacy-orientated XMR desktop mining is economically inefficient - with a power consumption of US$0.156 per day based on 65 Watts of production power, only US$0.06 can be earned.
HTC is preparing to release EXODUS 5G Hub to the market , a block router with full bitcoin node support and a number of other innovative features.