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John Wang
April 10 22:35

Poland plans to cover 115 million of business credit

Bigger relief package is underway.
EU has given its approval to a scheme of the Polish government worth 115 million euro, aimed at supporting the national economy. The project is supposed to pay for a part of business credit via direct grants.
The Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager has stated, that the scheme should allow Polish government to take over a part of the interest that the companies need to pay. It will partially take the pressure off the business impacted by the pandemic.
On April 8 Polish authorities has stated that it plans to enhance a relief package of up to over 72.5 billion euro. The package includes direct spending, central bank actions as well as guarantees.
As of April 10, there are 5742 cases of COVID-19. 175 cases were lethal.