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Jack Kouzi
April 10 19:46

I still believe it will be a V shaped recovery

What we saw from the FED last night is unbelievable and is astonishing,. 2.3 trillion dollars of liquidity with a mandate to buy anything. Bond's, stock, ETF's. I believe that this program will save 60-70% of small  to medium businesses in the USA, dependent on the reopening the economy. 
As I have stated for last 3 weeks, I am bullish global markets, and very bullish specific sectors.
If the USA can reopen 50% or so by mid may (the economy) I believe we will be in the midst of a V shape recovery for the market. Which is very different from the economy. A notion I spoke to @garyyeow about a few weeks ago. 
I believe that science is catching up very quickly, anti-body tests are now available this will only accelerate. Abbot Labs testing is showing promise, this will also accelerate. My opinion, Johnson and Johnson is on to something otherwise why would they produce millions of vials at own cost before approval. 
Therapeutics are and will accelerate the recovery process. 
China is re-open for business! This engine room will slowly get back to driving global growth.  
I actually have to applaud Jerome Powell and the FED, I believe they are doing an astounding job in and incredible time. 
Just my thoughts NOT ADVICE . Some sectors will not recover but some show incredible opportunity. As always I am here for our community! 
If you have any questions or you do not agree let's start a discussion. Hit me up