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George Ma
April 8 09:13

Bug on Coinbase created the impression of selling 42,000 BTC at 18 cents

Coinbase developers adressed conspiracy speculations about selling 42,000 bitcoins for US$0.18. According to them, it was a bug.
The previous day, a Twitter user under the nickname @CaptainScio posted a mysterious picture, where it was found in the Coinbase transaction history that the sale of bitcoins worth about US$294.3 million went only 18 cents.
ICoinbase developer Justin Mart intervened in the discussion about the possible causes of the incident. A representative of the exchange explained the unusual situation by a mistake in the graphical interface, which can occur when charts are superimposed when moving between windows of different markets.
According to Coinbase rules, "all executed orders are considered completed and cannot be cancelled unless a serious technical error is detected". Thus, a transaction of this kind would have been canceled in any case.