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George Ma
April 7 16:37

American indices continued to rise amid expectations of pandemic slowdown

Dow Jones Industrial Index grew by 7.73%
Key U.S. stock indices rose by 7-7.5% towards the end of trading on Monday amid expectations of a coronavirus pandemic slowdown. Relevant data is published on the New York Stock Exchange website.
American industrial index Dow Jones rose by 1 627.46 points (7.73%) and established itself at 22 679.99 points. The S&P 500 index, which includes 500 largest companies on the US market, gained 175.03 points (7.03%) and reached the level of 2 663.68 points. The growth of the Nasdaq electronic exchange index amounted to 540.16 points (7.33%) and reached the level of 7 913.24 points. At the opening of trading on Monday, these indices also demonstrated growth - by 4% on average.
In turn, The Wall Street Journal draws attention to the statement of the Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo, who pointed out that for the second day in a row the daily number of lethal outcomes of the disease caused by coronavirus fluctuates around 600. In addition, he said, there has been a slight decrease in the number of care visits and patients in the intensive care units, which, according to Cuomo, may indicate the beginning of infection rate fall. One of the main factors influencing this, was maintaining social distance, the governor said.
According to the information from Johns Hopkins University, which makes calculations based on summaries of the country's authorities, WHO and other official sources, 352 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus were recorded, more than 10.3 thousand people died In the U.S.
According to the latest data, about 1.3 million people have been infected with coronavirus globally, while about 70 thousand deaths have been recorded.