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John Wang
April 7 12:00

Dow is going back up

Markets show strong signs of optimism.
Dow has been trading next to session’s highest levels on April 6. Same as other major US indexes, it has been reinforced by the reduction of new coronavirus cases.
Dow has climbed 5.9%, by 1248 points. The S&P has gained 5.82%. Nasdaq Composite is up 5.82%.
The governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has reported, that for a second day straight the number of new infection cases has remained more or less flat. Coupled with the recent statement by Donald Trump, who has expressed hope, that the most dangerous time of the pandemic is coming to an end. The rate of the pandemic’s spread in Italy and Spain is slowing down as well, 
The news made the investors more confident. Even the most impacted travel industry has shown signs of growth.
Governor Cuomo has stated, that the time of vigilance is not yet over. The stay-at-home order will remain in effect in the state up until April 29.