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John Wang
April 3 19:50

Bitcoin is predicted to fall below $3000

Growth will continue, but only for a short time.
Technical analyst PentarhUdi has stated that BTC will soon lose its recent gains. According to his forecast, the value of the coin will drop under US$3000.
Earlier PentarhUdi has accurately predicted the price dynamic of BTC, including the latest swings. In February the pandemic caused a selling wave on US stock market, which in turn led the Bitcoin down to US$3600. Then the new buying wave has driven the price back up, surpassing US$6000.  
However, Bitcoin does not have the advantage of being the safe financial haven as US dollar. PentharUdi believes, that BTC will be going up for some time and will surpass the US$8500. However, as the financial volatility continues, the coin will then face a sharp downturn and plunge beneath US$3000.