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John Wang
April 3 19:06

European stocks give up earlier gains

Market remains unstable.
European stocks have been going down on April 3. The investors have negated the small gains of the last few days.

The markets are getting anxious as more companies have been designated as impacted by the coronavirus. The lockdowns and containment measures around the world are being prolonged and the pandemic is still far from being defeated, the possibility of a massive economic recession is getting more real. The fears are being projected on the markets. 
The STOXX 600 has fell by 0.4%. MSCI’s global index has gone down with it, losing 0.3%. Euro also lost some of its progress in trading against US dollar, as investors are returning to safe haven. 
Other regional indexes have also lost ground. MSCI’s Asia-Pacific has fallen by 0.6%. Japanese Nikkei has seen short-lived gains yet ended up flat. US stocks have dropped by 1%.
Meanwhile, oil prices remained indecisive, as the market awaits comments about new OPEC+ deal