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John Wang
April 2 20:12

European trading remains cautious

Oil is making a comeback.
At the start of April 2 European stock trade remained mostly flat after further decline of the previous days. Investors were on standby and waited for data on the unemployment rates in the US.
The United Kingdom’s key index FTSE has gained 0.4%, French CAC has climbed 0.2%, DAX has fallen by 0.2%. The pan-european Stoxx 600 remained still.
Meanwhile, unemployment rates in the United States are testing the confidence of the investors. The country saw a sudden rise of the jobless claims, unemployment rate might go over 10%.
Oil and gas market, on the other hand, has been active and growing. Prices have risen after weeks of steady reduction. US president Donald Trump has announced, that largest crude producers - Saudi Arabia and Russia - have agreed to reach a compromise that would put a stop to the price war.
The news reflected on the oil stocks. Shares of Royal Dutch Shell were up 6.9%. BP saw a 6.5% increase.