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John Wang
April 2 11:00

Major US indexes remain in the red as Chinese data is criticized

Investors are unsure about the future.
Dow Jones continues to experience its worst losses in the Q1. The anxiety over the coronavirus is worsened by the speculation about the virus-related data being manipulated by the Chinese governments.
Major indexes remained in the red. The Dow has dropped by 3.63%. S&P has seen a reduction of 1.56%, Nasdaq dropped by 1.85%. 
The confidence of the investors is already shaken by the pessimistic forecasts, warning about both national and global economic recession. Additional strain has been put on their opinions about the market by the recent government statements. US president Donald Trump has warned the public. that the next two weeks of fighting the pandemic will be “painful”.
The investors are also upset about the situation in China. According to some analysts - both professionals and amateurs - the government might have falsified the data concerning the number of infected and killed by the virus to keep the population calm. Similar claims have been made concerning the information about the situation in Italy.