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John Wang
April 1 20:12

Asian and American stocks continue to fall in Q2

Investors are anxious about rumours and forecasts.
Major Asian stocks as well as Wall Street futures saw another drop on the first day of trading in Q2 of 2020. The anxiety about the pandemic and the possible global recession keeps the confidence of the investors down.
E-Mini index for the S&P has fallen by over 2%, driven down by the rising number of virus fatalities. The broadest index of the MSCI for Asia-Pacific region has lost its recent growth and ended with a 0.3% loss. South Korean stocks have dropped by 1.3%. 
Shares in Japan have lost 3.4%. Fast growth of infection cases in the country has led to the rumours about an upcoming full lockdown in Tokyo.
The situation on Wall Street also leaves a lot to be desired. Fow has seen its biggest reduction in the last 33 years, S&P 500 also experienced a sharp decline.
According to the forecast by the Federal Reserve, the economic situation in the United States is likely to be “very bad”. The unemployment rate cand soon reach 10%.