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George Ma
April 1 09:38

IntoTheBlock: 9 out of 10 Ethereum investors are loosing

31.9 million Ethereum addresses (87.8% of the total amount) hold coins purchased at an average price above US$132.4, according IntoTheBlock's research.
Researchers note that such ratio should not surprise. Three weeks earlier, stock quotes of the second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin dropped below US$90, which is close to a minimum of US$80.6 since December 2018. At the same time, the bull market peaked at levels above US$1400 in January of the same year.
Thus, in the conditions of such turbulence, only those who bought ETH at the initial rising stage in 2017 or those who have shown such activity in the last couple of weeks are profiting.
As it can be seen from the chart below, the highest buying intensity was in the range of US$241.24-302.88. At the same time, if the price rises above US$250 (i.e. approximately twice as high as current values), half of the addresses are profiting.
Owners of 4 million ETH addresses (about 10% of the total) have be patient. Their purchases came at prices between US$714 and US$1340.
IntoTheBlock paid attention to the drop in the number of lar
IntoTheBlock paid attention to the drop in the number of large transactions in the Ethereum network with the volume exceeding US$100 thousand. According to analysts, this serves as a signal of keeping bearish moods in the short term.
Earlier, analytical startup Covalent came to the conclusion that the growing popularity ofdecentralized finance applications has a negative impact on other transactions in Ethereum network.